Renewable Gas

Renewable gas is produced through the anaerobic transformation of organic raw materials, which includes waste from green sources, households, agriculture, agri-food industries, and landfill waste. It therefore provides a highly competitive, low-cost transport fuel alternative. Renewable gas is an easily storable fuel that can be used in the same way as natural gas, allowing you to maintain your current business processes wherever natural gas is utilized.

Through methane capture and purification, biogas upgraded into renewable gas can be utilized in applications such as heating, generating electricity and as a transport fuel (Liquified or compressed Biomethane), further reducing our dependence on natural gas and other fossil fuels.

With existing gas infrastructure networks in place, biomethane will be of vital importance during the transition of our energy system to renewable sources. The future of biomethane looks bright.

At STX we help supply meet demand by trading renewable gas, offtaking feedstocks, and by developing new renewable gas projects.

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How STX can help RNG producers and developers

Offtake financing

STX can provide flexible offtake agreements that developers can utilize to secure additional funding for new projects.

Feedstock Sourcing & Optimization

With the combined efforts of our biofuel feedstocks team, biomethane trading experience, and sustainability knowledge, we can optimize partners’ feedstock sourcing to secure the ideal feedstock mix. This helps mitigate price volatility in turbulent gas markets and maximizes revenues from both gas and certificates.

Biomethane Production & Optimization

Through our dedicated in-house sustainability team, we can assist producers in terms of calculating sustainability methodologies to enhance Guarantees of Origin (GO), Proof of Sustainability (PoS), etc.

Value-added Product Creation

Liquefaction solutions (LNG) STX supports partners in converting biomethane into bio-LNG and helps them bring their product to the most profitable market. Production of Power-to-X (PTX) Products Leveraging our partner network, STX can produce bio-/E-methanol or e-methane from biomethane to help enhance value creation. Biogenic CO2 STX can valorize biogenic CO2 streams in the market, including for applications in PtX production.

Sales & Trading

Tailored long-term offtakes / partnerships / marketing agreements Leveraging our comprehensive grasp of the entire RNG value chain and a diverse portfolio of corporate buyers, STX is well-positioned to secure favorable market prices for your products. This enables us to offer flexible contract structures to effectively hedge against pricing risks.

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Why choose STX?


  • We are steadfast in our commitment to investing in our clients and partners, tailoring bespoke solutions and contract structures that encompass a variety of contract types. These options include diverse pricing structures, tenor flexibility, and a range of sizes, all designed to provide adaptable and customized production offtake solutions.

Experience and local presence

  • Our in-house research and analytics team has been active in the market for over a decade helping to establish STX as one of the most reputable players in the field.
  • Our dedicated Policy team and ongoing engagement with local traders, producers, contractors, legislators, and off-takers gives us a comprehensive EU-wide perspective on market trends and regulatory developments.
  • With a local presence in key markets and a large team of over 30 professionals focused on RNG, we can support our clients in their local language.

Downstream presence

  • Through Strive by STX, we have an extensive sales network that spans all categories of off-takers, including corporate clients, enabling us to find the best buyers for your end products.

Cross-product optimizations

  • We offer comprehensive coverage of all biomethane value chain products, including bio-CO2, bio-LNG, and feedstock boosters. This makes us your one-stop-shop for all your production needs.
  • Beyond biomethane, we trade all environmental commodities, providing us an in-depth understanding of the entire product spectrum and enabling us to optimize across various domains.

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