Voluntary carbon markets

Voluntary Carbon Markets

Companies today have a responsibility to balance their economic ambitions with their obligation to protect nature and serve the communities in which they operate. Credible climate action starts with setting science-based reduction targets and accelerating in-house GHG reductions. However, even with the most robust and ambitious action, companies will still have some emissions due to technological and economic constraints. Addressing Scope 3 emissions, which constitute 70% of corporate emissions, poses a significant challenge to companies due to their limited influence over the behaviour of their suppliers and customers. Voluntary carbon reduction and removal projects allow corporations to offset hard-to-abate emissions beyond their own value chains, a concept known as ‘Beyond Value Chain Mitigation’.

Research by the NGO Forest Trends indicates that companies using verified emissions reductions or removals are more likely to set ambitious carbon reduction targets, adopt an internal carbon price, and reduce emissions faster than peers who do not use carbon offsets. Finally, achieving Net Zero hinges on our ability to durably remove vast quantities of GHG emissions, which will require significant financing through mechanisms such as the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).
Over the past 25 years, we have supported new projects with innovative financing agreements and offtakes and, as a leader in environmental commodity trading, we’ve helped to foster market liquidity and maturity through our extensive market access, rigorous quality standards, and advanced deal structuring capabilities. Finally, through Strive by STX, we guide companies throughout their decarbonization journey.

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STX's role in the Voluntary Carbon Market

Corporate buyers

STX assists companies throughout their decarbonization journey, from understanding their footprint to setting reduction targets and reducing emissions through a tailored and optimized portfolio of environmental commodities, including physical biofuels to reduce scope 1 emissions, transitioning to renewable energy, and facilitating carbon reduction and removal contributions beyond their value chain. For more information on our corporate decarbonization solutions, please visit Strive.

Wholesale Market Participants

STX enhances wholesale market liquidity through its extensive network, connecting market actors to over 1,000 projects and counterparties. As a prominent environmental commodity trader, we offer clients tailored deal structuring solutions, ranging from forwards to offtakes and options. Moreover, our in-house due diligence team ensures that the credits we trade conform to established industry standards, providing peace of mind to our counterparties.


STX has a long history of identifying exceptional projects that not only yield substantial returns but also generate a meaningful impact. Our dedicated internal due diligence team is well-equipped to assist investors by providing comprehensive analyses and strategic insights, facilitating more informed investment choices. We specialize in crafting investment opportunities by establishing robust institutional structures with effective governance mechanisms.

Project & Developers

We are active in both primary and secondary origination, along with a dedicated internal project development team. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Business development: Project screening, due diligence, capital investments, ERPA contracting
  • Local partner selection: Project development, project registration, project design documentation, project validation, project management, carbon credit issuance/Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV)

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STX is well-equipped to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire project development process, from the project design to the monetization of credits.

Why choose STX?


  • As an ICROA accredited provider, STX is audited annually to demonstrate that we operate in accordance with the ICROA Code of Best Practices, and we only work with ICROA accredited standards.
  • We participate in multiple industry initiatives and work to ensure that all our activities align with leading industry practices, including those from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi),
  • The Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Markets (ICVCM), the Voluntary Carbon Markets Initiative (VCMI), and The Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting.
  • As part of our internal Due Diligence and technical project assessments, we also partner with ratings agencies to provide an extra layer of quality assurance over and above compliance with ICROA-accredited standards.

Reputation & expertise

  • Over the past 25 years, STX has established itself as an expert in the voluntary and compliance carbon markets and a reputable counterparty trading with over 7,000 customers globally.

Holistic view of environmental commodity markets

  • From physical biofuels and renewable natural gas to renewable energy and carbon, STX is active in over 50 environmental commodities. This broad involvement provides us with a distinctive perspective on the increasingly interlinked markets, empowering us to offer clients expert guidance on the most fitting decarbonization path while crafting customized solutions to fulfil their specific requirements.


  • STX is actively exploring cutting-edge opportunities within the carbon markets, including access to innovative tech-based carbon removal projects, the capacity to curate portfolios in line with science-based offsetting strategies, and the ability to facilitate insurance for carbon projects.

International footprint with local support

  • With over 500 employees from 70 different nationalities working in 12 offices, STX is a global player with local market knowledge and the capability to support clients in their own language.

Policy expertise

  • Utilizing our in-house policy team and internal experts, we remain well-informed about the most recent policy advancements. We actively collaborate with industry experts and participate in working groups to influence carbon-related policy matters on a national scale and within industry associations.


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