Our Place In The World


We are STX. We are traders of environmental progress.

Decarbonization of energy is our home and our marketplace. Our trades are the threads, decarbonization is the fabric they create.

Our work ensures that money flows into projects that make the world a greener place. We trade environmental commodities, and connect the dots in the global decarbonization economy. Environmental progress requires the realization of hundreds of thousands of sustainability initiatives around the globe; and they are only realized – and realized in time – when they are met with substantial financing.

We see through the complexity of the global regulatory environmental maze. Our work helps governments and corporations achieve their sustainability goals.

We are leading environmental commodity traders.

The speed of environmental change that the world wants and needs requires stepping up. Everyone in this crucial generation – from governments to corporations – is stepping in. We accelerate the progress. Global decarbonization is brought a step closer because we ensure supply finds demand & vice versa, because we set prices and help money find its significance.

We live in a world of limitless opportunity and go where there are no roads. We look beyond regulations yet play by the rules to ensure environmental investments flow where they need to. We develop and bring reliability to the most nascent of markets.

It is not a regular job. It is an opportunity for those who embrace challenges and want to play significantly. The targets keep moving, the dots don’t sit still, but we are steadfast in connecting them, faster, better and smarter than others.

We are more than just environmental commodity traders. We are traders of environmental progress. We are STX.