GHG quota

GHG Quota

About the FQD and GHG Quotas

The Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) is a legislation that establishes standards for the quality of fuels used within the European Union (EU) and aims to reduce the carbon intensity of these fuels. It requires suppliers to decrease the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the production and usage of their fuels.

The GHG Quota legislation is a component of the FQD and sets specific reduction targets for companies that sell fuels in the road transport sector. Its objective is to promote environmental sustainability in road transport by:

  • Providing a financial incentive for companies to transition to alternative fuels, such as biomethane, green hydrogen and E-mobility, by enabling them to profit from the sale of GHG quotas.
  • Increasing the price of fossil fuels by mandating oil companies that have not made the switch to purchase GHG quotas, thereby raising the cost of petrol and diesel for consumers.

Consequently, this legislation effectively subsidizes sustainable fuels and makes them more appealing.

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Our Solutions

STX provides a comprehensive service to enable companies to generate revenue from GHG Quotas. We seamlessly handle every step of the process, starting from assisting you in meeting regulatory requirements all the way to the registration with the environmental authorities and the trading of the quotas.

We can offer our services at both a fixed price or through a profit-sharing agreement without charging any additional fees for the registration process. This ensures that companies receive their subsidies without exposing them to price risks.

With our extensive experience in trading various renewable energy products, we have cultivated a vast network of potential buyers, thereby ensuring our ability to locate interested parties. Additional benefits of working with STX Group include:

  • Effortlessly enhance income from electric vehicle fleets and charging stations,
  • Maximize your returns by selling your entire inventory of GHG Quotas at current wholesale prices,
  • Gain expert insights on upcoming legal developments to stay informed and prepared for the future.

STX Group is a reputable global partner with a strong capital base, effectively mitigating counterparty risk for very large clients.

Regional Initiatives:  German THQ-Quote  France Certificats TIRUERT


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