Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is the official standard to certify the renewable origin of electricity in North America (USA and Canada). It is unbundled from the physical electricity and it’s currently the only way to claim usage of renewable energy except for on-site production.  

One Renewable Attribute Certificate equals one MWh of renewable electricity and includes information about other ESG factors of renewable electricity generation. 

The STX Solution  

With a global presence and local footprint, STX Group stands out as a trusted partner for over 7,000 counterparties. Whether your goals are voluntary or compliance-driven, our specialists are here to help you navigate the renewable energy certificate options and get enhanced market visibility, empowering you to make well-informed procurement decisions. 

At STX, we trade all environmental commodities. We make the essential connections that create liquidity in the environmental commodities markets.

What’s more, we are experts in the complex regulatory environment that surrounds trading in this domain. We ensure compliance and adherence to regulations across the globe.

Our work helps both governments and companies achieve their sustainability goals with the help of capital markets.

Corporate Decarbonization Services 

Are you interested in corporate renewable electricity solutions? STRIVE by STX, the dedicated climate action arm of STX Group, offers companies comprehensive solutions to decarbonize their Scope 2 emissions, hedge and diversify their energy mix. Learn more below:  


STX in the RECs Market

Energy Utilities and Suppliers

STX Group is a RECs market maker, able to provide quick and efficient execution of trades. Our global market presence and knowledge enable us to price any products, from generic to exotic volumes. As a result, we help our counterparties buy and sell energy certificates seamlessly.


Through STRIVE by STX, we assist our corporate partners in meeting their voluntary goals and compliance standards. We help them navigate the market, offering a one-stop-shop for all energy certificates and environmental commodities. As a result, our business clients can rest assured our solutions are tailored to their specific needs.


STX is equipped to assist renewable energy project developers in optimizing their revenue streams. We ensure the generated power and certificates find their best value through seamless transactions.


STX is a market liquidity provider, providing competitive prices and quickly executed trades. We support our trade counterparties in achieving their goals and obtaining necessary certificates most efficiently.


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