STX Group and Norsk e-Fuel partner to boost biogenic CO2 delivery

STX Group and Norsk e-Fuel partner to boost biogenic COdelivery in the Nordics for sustainable e-fuel production


AMSTERDAM (April 15, 2024)STX Group, a global leader in environmental commodities trading and climate solutions, and Norsk e-Fuel, a pioneer in the European e-fuel market, today announce their partnership  to promote biogenic CO2 deliveries to future Norsk e-Fuel production sites for fossil free fuels across the Nordics.


The collaboration between STX Group and Norsk e-Fuel aims to address key challenges currently hindering the growth of the European Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) market, such as insufficient CO2 transportation infrastructure and scalable CO2 source availability. STX Group’s established presence in the biogenic CO2 market positions it strategically to supply the physical volumes required by Norsk e-Fuel for its operations.


“This partnership with Norsk e-Fuel marks a significant step forward in our commitment to driving long-term sustainability,” said Sead Keric, Managing Partner of Renewable Gas at STX Group. “By combining our growing expertise in CO2 sourcing and Norsk e-Fuel’s pioneering efforts in e-fuels production, we can create a solution that benefits the environment and contributes to a low-carbon economy.”


Norsk e-Fuel is industrializing the production of e-fuels focusing on the aviation industry. Here, the growth in e-fuels production, supported by specific legislation and increasing environmental awareness, presents an opportunity for the two companies to capitalize on this sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99%.


“We are excited to partner with STX Group as a major aggregator of renewable gases, securing additional sources of biogenic CO2, a crucial element for our e-fuel production process,” said Karl Hauptmeier, CEO at Norsk e-Fuel. “This collaboration strengthens our efforts in supplying solutions to decarbonization of the aviation industry, particularly as we expand production beyond Norway.”


With the backing of committed offtakers and strategic shareholders, Norsk e-Fuel is developing a pipeline of projects to produce drop-in ready e-fuel, that includes access to sites, technology, offtake and feedstock. For CO2 alone, the company is aiming to secure 700,000 tons annually by 2030.


Following shortly after STX Group’s recent collaboration with biomethane plant developer Perpetual Next Conversions, the partnership with Norsk e-Fuel further solidifies its commitment to developing the biogenic CO2 market. STX Group highlights the potential of innovation and partnerships to establish a robust and efficient e-fuels value chain.