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Environmental Commodities

STX Commodities provides access to and creates liquidity in the environmental commodity markets. Our professionals, from STX’ offices in Amsterdam, New York and Gothenburg, consult globally with clients in their own language.

We offer energy producers and suppliers, utilities, industrial clients, oil companies and corporates market access across products and services like Renewable Energy Certificates, Energy Efficiency Certificates, Blending Obligation Certificates (Biofuels), CO₂ Certificates (Carbon), and Biomethane Certificates (Biogas), as well as across a variety of Physical Biofuel Feedstocks and Physical Biogas.

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Fixed Income

STX Fixed Income focuses on the origination of, placing and trading bonds and loans for the semi-public sector and corporates. With a comprehensive global network, we connect borrowers to the most appropriate lenders, including banks, institutional investors and asset managers. STX Fixed Income finds the best solutions for clients, whether they require financing or are looking for an investment in major renewable energy projects.

Active in both Primary (money and capital) and Secondary Markets, our reach has evolved from building out a dominant European coverage to increasingly being active on global markets, too. We draw on global coverage to provide deeper insights into local markets and offer clients a customized approach, as well as direct access to relevant markets and financial institutions.

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About STX Group

Founded in 2005, STX Group is one of the first companies to have been active in the European Emission Trading System (EU ETS). Today, STX is much more than that, as we have grown to become an established global trading firm that provides access to among others renewable energy, biofuels, energy efficiency and carbon markets. Having grown our headcount to over 125, we help clients with tailored solutions across Environmental Commodities and Fixed Income markets.

Careers at STX

We are a global trading firm with a team of over 125 highly driven individuals, based across our three offices. As a rapidly growing firm, the team is continuously meeting with new candidates. Would you like to know more about what defines our Culture, our People and why we thrive at what we do? Find out more and browse our latest vacancies:

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Clearing & Settlement

STX trades both regulated and unregulated products. Find out more about our regulation and settlement by clicking the buttons below.


STX Group has offices in Amsterdam, Gothenburg and New York.

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