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STX is a market maker in environmental commodities and hence provides market access and liquidity in both liquid and illiquid commodities like renewable energy, biofuels, energy efficiency and carbon markets.

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At STX we look at Environmental Commodities as pricing in the value of positive (green) Contribution Premiums and negative Pollution Costs on any company’s P&L and into the price of any product.

In markets across the globe, Environmental Commodities are traded as a result of voluntary and compulsory climate action taken by countries, states/provinces and companies.

At STX, we believe that ensuring environmental commodities markets are of utmost integrity will contribute to the decarbonization of our global economy. As a trusted market maker, providing liquidity and market access, we believe our day-to-day work makes a little, but essential contribution to that process.

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STX Group has offices in Amsterdam, Gothenburg and New York.

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