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STX in the news

21 May 2024

STX Group moves beyond biomethane’s traditional financing model

15 April 2024

Norsk e-Fuels Signs CO2 Purchase Agreement With STX Group

15 April 2024

‘Asia has to catch up’: why decarbonising the region is both critical yet challenging

12 March 2024

STX Group Bets on Financing Biomethane Projects

15 February 2024

STX Group Announces Unique Financing Partnership With BioValue for Dutch Biomethane Plant

6 February 2024

STX Group and Perpetual Next Conversions partner on biogenic CO2 to support energy transition (Dutch)

26 January 2024

In Brief: EU parliament votes to delay sector-specific ESRS; UN special rapporteur slams UK handling of climate protestors

17 January 2024

Environmental commodities trader STX Group appoints Asia Pacific head in business expansion

GHG quota

18 December 2023

STX Group and Base Carbon launch innovative carbon investment vehicle for carbon removals

14 December 2023

Germany’s largest ammonia producer teams up with STX on biogas

12 December 2023

Biofuels breakthrough?

7 December 2023

México lleva delantera en mercados sustentables en Latinoamérica

4 December 2023

¿Cómo STX pone en acción la descarbonización en México?

27 November 2023

México avanza en el camino de la transformación energética

7 November 2023

New reporting mandates: how ready is corporate USA?

1 November 2023

Drei Fragen – Drei Meinungen

22 August 2023

Mecanismo Fronterizo – estímulo a las energías renovables

Whistleblower Policy

27 July 2023

How to prepare for EU’s border carbon costs

29 June 2023

Why is carbon capture, utilisation and storage important?

21 June 2023

Regulators look to beef up sustainability assurance

6 June 2023

Sustainable Finance Finds Balance

2 May 2023

cCarbon: Interview: Bart Wesselink from STX

20 April 2023

STX completes Vertis acquisition to form larger carbon broker

17 April 2023

STX Group Closes €150M Credit Facility from Global Banks