Ziwei Song

Ziwei Song

Job title: Senior Sales Trader
Nationality: Chinese
Office location: Amsterdam
With STX: 4+ Years

1. Ziwei, can you share what a typical workday looks like in your role at STX?

In my role at STX, a typical workday is an everchanging blend of internal and external meetings, calls and engagements. These sessions revolve around discussing market status, sharing vital information, exploring potential collaborations, and collectively structuring the most effective solutions.

2. With over four years at STX, what aspects of your current role do you find both intriguing and demanding?

The ever-changing and challenging nature of this industry keeps me engaged. What intrigues me is the constant learning and the opportunity to embrace new concepts, fostering a passionate drive to try new things.

3. Given your extensive tenure at STX, we’re intrigued by your journey into the renewable energy sector. What factors or experiences piqued your interest and led you to this field?

My journey into the renewable energy sector was influenced by my experience growing up in a city plagued by air pollution. I was drawn to the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector – by the prospect of contributing to a greener world.

4. With your significant experience in your current role, what do you believe are the essential skills that pave the way for success at STX?

Based on my experience at STX, I firmly believe that communication skills and an entrepreneurial mindset are the key attributes paving the way for success at STX. These skills are paramount in an ever-evolving industry like ours.

5. The world of trading is known for its rapid pace and its own unique challenges. How have you effectively navigated these challenges?

Well yes, there are challenges, but that also means many opportunities! When facing challenges, I strive to maintain a positive and professional attitude, try to understand the logic behind and make sure I’m constantly communicating with colleagues to come up with appropriate solutions.

6. Drawing from your industry expertise, what sets STX’s culture apart in your view? Can you recall a specific instance where STX’s culture truly made a difference compared to your previous workplace experiences?

STX’s culture is special because it’s so open and diverse. We’ve got offices all around the world and colleagues from over 70 different countries – it’s exciting to be part of. Every day you get to work with people from all different backgrounds and cultures.

7. Achieving a harmonious equilibrium between the demands of a robust career and personal life is no small task. What insights or practical tips can you share for maintaining this balance, especially considering your experience at STX?

To be honest, my practical tip is to work hard and play hard!

8. Looking back on your journey, what valuable guidance or wisdom would you offer to those who are just embarking on their career path in this field?

Stay optimistic and maintain a spirit of exploration.