Lieske Bijlsma

Job Title: Head of US Operations

Location: New York

Nationality: Dutch

Years at STX: 1 year and 8 months

Meet Lieske Bijlsma, Head of US Operations in STX’s New York City office.

Through Lieske’s insights, learn how STX’s collaborative culture is helping shape our growth and success.

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1. What role does a Head of Operations play at STX?

My role is two-fold. Firstly, I oversee day-to-day operations in the US, with the main goal ensuring seamless trade operations from initial counterparty onboarding to deal settlement. This involves managing dedicated teams that form the backbone of our organization. Secondly, as STX continues to grow, I am responsible for expanding our Operations team to meet the evolving needs of our Commercial teams. This includes establishing new infrastructure in North-America, and shaping global operational strategies.

2. That sounds like an interesting challenge. What do you find engaging about your role?

I love the spark of when things all fall in the right place. What I find most engaging is the constant pursuit of challenges and opportunities for building. Connecting various elements and people, witnessing the pieces fall into place, keeps me passionate. The ever-changing nature of my role and the diverse challenges we encounter daily keep me motivated to contribute to the growth of our organization.

3. Environmental commodities trading is still somewhat of a ‘switch’ for many mid and senior career professionals. What led you to this sector?

My journey into the renewable energy space stems from my affinity towards sustainability and development economics. Even during my time as an M&A consultant, I was always looking for ways to connect business and finance with sustainability or social improvement initiatives. Joining STX, a company focused on decarbonizing our world, was a natural and rewarding choice.

Eficiencia Energética, wind power

4. Your role helps shape STX and ‘STX-ers’. What characteristics are key for future (and current!) team members?

Curiosity and a willingness to learn are crucial. In an evolving and growing business like STX, continuous improvement is key. I look for these qualities in every person joining STX, as it is vital for success in any role within the company. Prioritization is essential in our fast-paced environment. Additionally, being willing to seek input from others, collaborate and solve issues together is critical. This willingness of everyone at STX to tackle challenges collectively is what makes us strong.

5. How does STX’s culture help shape our team to succeed?

STX’s culture encourages initiative and proactivity in bringing forth new ideas. It’s an integral part of our DNA. Personally, this culture has inspired me to act more and hesitate less, which means I can foster a dynamic and innovative environment for our US team.

6. As a parent in a senior role, what are your thoughts on STX’s “work-life balance”?

Achieving a perfect work-life balance is challenging for everyone. As a parent of three young children – I am continuously trying to optimize my time. Fortunately, STX provides the flexibility for me to do so in my own way, which allows me to find my own sense of ‘balance’.

7. Any final advice for people considering applying for STX?

Don’t be intimidated. Embrace challenges to learn more about the industry and your potential opportunities. Growth occurs when stepping out of your comfort zone, both professionally and personally.