Johanna Adlerborg

Job title: Senior Office Manager

Nationality: Swedish

Office location: Gothenburg

With STX: Almost 2 years

Meet Johanna Adlerborg, Senior Office Manager in STX’s Gothenburg office.
Dive into how Johanna imbues our beautiful Gothenberg office with her sense of “Livsglädje” to create a home away from home for our Swedish STX team – and a rewarding career for herself.
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1. How long have you worked at STX?

I have been with STX for 2 years, and my anniversary is in March 2024.

2. What does a typical day look like for you?

A day at STX is ever-changing, much like our beautiful office view overlooking the Gothenburg harbour. One of the reasons for this is that I have two roles! I’m our Office Manager, where I handle administrative tasks, including finances, accounting, office purchases, and coordinating with suppliers and I’m also our Environmental Representative. This means I’m responsible for work environmental matters, fire safety, evacuation, first aid and CPR.
To help our team here, I like to focus on creating a welcoming office environment with flowers, quality food, coffee and other treats.

3. What do you find most engaging about your role at STX?

The most engaging aspect of my role is the people at STX. They are our most important resource, and ensuring that everyone feels heard, appreciated and energized at work is a daily challenge and a great source of inspiration and reward. I have a background in Creative Learning and every day aim to strengthen our team through a happy, holistic work environment.

4. Can you share what factors or experiences drew you to the renewable energy sector and led you to your role at STX?

I was drawn to STX because I wanted to work with sustainable values and products within an international business context. It was also important to me to find this opportunity in Gothenburg, where my family and my daughter Bibi live. Thankfully, working at STX aligns with all these factors!

5. What critical skills and attributes do you believe are essential for someone to succeed in your role at STX?

To succeed in my role, one must possess skills like effective communication, awareness of other cultures, determination, empathy and negotiation. It also really helps to know how to manage our food and beverage selection – that’s the quickest way to our team’s heart!

6. How do you manage the challenges of working in a fast-paced environment, and what strategies have you found most effective in maintaining balance?

Previous work experience and stress management skills equipped me with the tools and self-awareness to stay balanced. I’ve learned to speak up when struggling, delegate tasks and practice self-awareness. It’s essential to be clear when you need focused time without continuous interruptions. These strategies develop as you mature with work and life experience and can be encouraged and developed with support from management.

7. Can you describe STX’s culture and how it influences your daily work? Share a personal experience where STX’s culture played a pivotal role.

STX’s culture is diverse, inclusive, competitive, dynamic and in some ways, still developing. Our culture encourages personal development and introduces you to people from diverse backgrounds daily. STX’s culture keeps you attentive, engaged and curious. We have several cultural projects ongoing, which are available for employees to participate in – at STX, you feel included.

8. Maintaining a work-life balance can be challenging. How have you managed to strike a balance between your career and personal life?

Thanks to management allowing a high level of independence in my work, and our supportive HR strategies on maintaining a healthy workplace, I’ve been able to maintain a good work-life balance.

9. What advice or wisdom would you share with potential newcomers to STX?

I recommend staying curious and hungry, as that will provide opportunities for growth within STX. Staying calm and balanced is essential, but you should look for ways to shape your role by incorporating what makes you unique. Personal attributes, in my case – my personality and endurance, are some of your greatest strengths in this role, so make the most of them!