Arne Flachet

Arne Flachet

Job title: Renewable Gas Trader
Nationality: Belgian
Office location: Amsterdam
With STX: 6 months

Meet Arne Flachet, Renewable Gas Trader at STX.
Discover an energy industry veteran’s insight on transitioning from oil to the renewables sector.
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1. Arne, what does a typical day looks like for you?

I spend a lot of my day thinking, calculating and debating on how to approach our markets. In the end I need to decide on what to buy and what to sell (and how much of it, and how, and to whom). I then work with our sales traders and originators to put that plan into action!

2. As someone relatively new to STX, what is something interesting and challenging about your new role?

The work is a good mix of intellectually stimulating work (often individual) combined with teamwork and collaboration with my colleagues. The fact that the job leans heavily on both means there’s lots of variety in my working day and I can keep things balanced.

3. We’re curious about your journey into the renewable energy space. What were the factors or experiences that drew you to the sector??

I started my career 12 years ago as an engineer in an oil refinery, so not necessarily the most renewable of starts! I was always drawn to energy, and over the years I gravitated more to the renewable side, especially after a first experience trading the ETS. A few months ago, I decided to make the jump and go 100% renewable!

4. What are some of the critical skills that someone needs to succeed in your role at STX?

To start with, being a successful trader requires an analytical mindset: being able to synthesize a simple path forward out of a confusing and massive pile of information. On the long term it requires perseverance, the market doesn’t always go your way! And, especially at STX, you need to be a good collaborator: most of the results are achieved through others.

5. Trading is a fast-paced environment. What are the challenges this brings and how do you manage these?

Things move fast, and you need to be prepared to chuck your assumptions out of the window and acquire a new set. Workload can pile up, and there may be 10 different opportunities to chase at once. Being able to prioritize effectively starts by understanding the big picture. It’s much easier to know what to do first if you know where you want to be at the end of the week/month/year.

6. As someone with strong industry experience, what stands out about STX’s culture? Do you have an experience you can share where STX’s culture distinguished itself from other companies you’ve worked for?

The single thing that stands out most of STX culture is the can-do attitude: nobody feels above/below doing the work that will help us get forward as a team. Some examples I’ve seen: a junior front-office sales trader coordinating a multi-year contract with an investment fund, and our managing director picking up the phone for a customer when the traders are in meeting.

7. Striking a balance between a demanding career and personal life can be challenging. What are your tips or insights on how to stay balanced?

During the working day I enjoy having “lighter” interactions with my colleagues, taking the time to know my colleagues on a more personal level. Outside of work I prefer hobbies where I can completely shift focus to help me clear my mind. For example: it’s very hard to think about my trades when I’m trying to hit a tennis ball!

8. And finally, do you have any wisdom to share for those just starting their journey in this space?

Prioritize learning over anything else at the start of your career. You’ll need to make choices, on whether to go for job A or B. Especially when you’re young, choose the role that is going to be the best launching pad for an interesting career!