STX Group launches working capital solution to boost energy transition

New SPV introduces innovative way to provide funding to environmental commodities markets

AMSTERDAM (December 5, 2023) – STX Group, a leading environmental markets and climate solutions firm, today announces the launch of a working capital solution, specifically designed for environmental certificates. The launch comes as a response to the increased requirements for companies to hold environmental certificates to meet their ESG targets. Traditional financing methods often fall short in providing the necessary funding. STX Group has established an independent Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) offering companies the necessary working capital funding for their environmental certificates.

The new service provides STX Group’s customers and counterparties with financial flexibility to manage the energy transition.

The newly launched SPV solution differs from traditional financing through the wide range of liquid and less liquid certificates that can be financed as well as offering higher advance rates. The SPV takes temporary ownership of the environmental commodities which may allow for balance sheet friendly treatment of the financing. The SPV is an attractive platform for lenders to gain access to one of the fastest growing parts of the credit universe. Through its extensive client base, STX Group has unrivaled access to counterparties looking to finance their environmental certificate holdings. This allows lenders to add collateralized credit exposure to highly rated counterparties to their portfolio.

The introduction of the SPV follows a sequence of new financial solutions and services introduced by STX Group earlier this year, placing the company at the forefront of incumbent financial markets where environmental commodities play an emerging role. This momentum is underscored by recent additions to STX Group’s portfolio, including the April 2023 launch of the borrowing base facility where a broad base of environmental commodities was for the first time recognizes as collateral by global banks, and the unveiling of the STX Group carbon fund in October 2023. Both demonstrate the growing importance of environmental commodities as pivotal financial instruments.

“The launch of this new solution provides immense opportunities for our customers and counterparties as they increase their activities in environmental commodities markets. We are delighted to work with them by providing them with more efficient and secure market access,” said Bart Wesselink, Chief Financial and Risk Officer at STX Group.

The SPV is independently managed by Vistra, one of the leading fund administrator and corporate service providers. Vistra is regulated by Dutch Central Bank DNB.