STX Group launches Strive

STX Group launches strive by STX to drive rapid growth in corporate climate action worlwide

  • Strive by STX to provide an integrated portfolio of solutions and cross-commodity products to corporates
  • Synergies to bring comprehensive portfolio offering to support corporates in their decarbonization efforts on journey to Net Zero
  • Launch marks key milestone in the industry. The Group will now serve over 5,000 corporations, with over 25 years of combined experience, and nearly 500 professionals worldwide

AMSTERDAM (April 20, 2023) – STX Group today announces the launch of Strive by STX to cater to the expected rapid growth in climate investments. The new platform will maximize synergies in environmental commodities, offsetting and decarbonization services by providing corporates with consultancy and trading expertise and advice on their journey towards Net Zero. The newly launched climate action arm is a result of Vertis joining STX Group in 2021 and is active as of April 1, 2023.

Taking rapid action towards Net Zero is now essential for every corporate’s success. Today, corporates’ environmental footprints have a direct impact on their competitiveness. As corporations navigate the complex landscape of their Net Zero journey, it becomes increasingly important to find a reliable and reputable partner that offers global environmental commodities and serves as a one- stop-shop for corporates across the globe to maximize the impact of their climate action efforts.

STX is at the forefront of the global energy transition and offers tailored solutions for corporates to decarbonize their operations through various environmental commodity products. STX believes that a successful decarbonization journey to reach Net Zero requires a holistic approach and covers all levers, starting with energy efficiency, fuel switching, renewable energies, and emissions offsetting. A detailed look at the abatement cost curve of every corporate is vital to defining the most cost efficient decarbonization path. Offering environmental products in all these areas, combined with strong regulatory expertise, Strive by STX is able to provide an integrated approach to corporates across the globe, making STX an ideal partner for every corporation on their journey to Net Zero.

The newly launched Strive by STX has a clear vision on the urgency of climate action and will continue to guide companies worldwide towards effective environmental solutions, environmental protection and the transformation of economic activity for a more sustainable world, though its broad-based solutions portfolio. This vision is also aligned with a recently published fundamental climate policy report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which notes that time is running out to secure a livable future for all. The UN climate body and the World Economic Forum advocate broad actions towards decarbonization and climate action, including the voluntary carbon markets and natural climate solutions, which can provide a third of the mitigation needed by 2030.

“As partners for corporates around the world, we are excited to embark on this journey with STX to combine our deep know-how to bring greater efficiencies and value for our clients across all sectors,” said Marc Falguera von Niessen, Co-Head of Strive by STX and Managing Director of Vertis. “The synergies will strengthen our comprehensive advice and cross-commodity portfolio offering to corporations throughout their Net Zero and decarbonization journeys.”

Jens Schumacher, Co-Head of Strive by STX and Managing Partner at STX Group adds, “As a global trading firm for environmental commodities, we have a critical role to play in the global energy transition. Our long legacy and expertise in building and creating markets that facilitate a fast transition towards decarbonization provide corporate clients a functional platform for their decarbonization journey. Our role as market makers accelerates the growth of functional markets which are the cornerstone for investment, innovation, and ultimately, the rapid increase of renewable energy production.”

Founded in Amsterdam in 2005, STX Group has developed a strong international reach with 10 offices worldwide and provides market-leading financial capabilities with 50+ environmental commodities to companies committed to a more sustainable future. Strive by STX strengthens the group and represents a cornerstone of the product and services offering as it continues to work hand in hand with organizations to pursue the path to decarbonization via tailor-made net-zero and sustainability consulting (e.g., footprint calculation, SBTi), renewable energy, energy efficiency solutions and certificates, value chain decarbonization solutions, as well as high-quality carbon offsetting.

Strive by STX supports companies across many industries to take climate action, including transportation, manufacturing, automotive, apparel as well as food, beverage, and agriculture, among others.