TRANSFERABLE TAX CREDITS Reduce your tax liability by investing in the green transition

Sustainability isn’t always an expense — now it can also raise net profits!

Through the expansion of the Inflation Reduction Act’s Section 48, organizations can now receive tax credits to reduce corporate tax liability for investing in new renewable energy projects.

STRIVE by STX can reduce your hassle with seamless management of your transferable tax credit procurement. With over 20 years of market connections and sourcing aligned with your unique preferences, we can handle everything from start to retirement.

Our Offering

Single Credit Purchase

Start your transferrable tax credit journey with a one-off purchase. Together we define your technology, geography and timing preferences and risk appetite. Based on your preferences, we source from our rolodex of project developers based on your unique requirements and optimize your transferrable tax credit procurement and redemption to ensure you a seamless purchasing process.

Portfolio Origination

Build a portfolio of transferrable tax credits by procuring throughout your fiscal year. Built on the foundations of the Single Credit Purchase offering, we can design a treasury planning strategy, harmonize contract terms, and build out a complementary portfolio for your continual procurement.

Multi-Year Strategic Procurement

Optimize your transferrable tax credit portfolio for effective and long-term returns. Expanding on the Portfolio Origination offering, with a multi-year commitment to reducing tax liabilities, we can secure you with long-term partnerships with trusted developers, tailor your insurance offering, and give you access to forward portfolios (~1-3 years ahead of projects coming online). Bundle your transferrable tax credits procurement with your environmental attribute procurement to balance out the cost of your environmental commodities purchase while still saving your company money.

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Increase Net Profit and Working Capital

Sign a letter of intent (LOI) to purchase credits prior to the transaction and can start matching to current tax liabilities, freeing up working capital for the business.

Finance Your Environmental Commodity Procurement

Balance the cost of an environmental commodity purchase (RECs/RNG/VERs) with the money saved from tax credit transfers, though the amount saved often exceeds the costs.

Supporting New Renewable Energy Projects

Reduce your tax liability while promoting additionality— directly contributing to the American energy transition.

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