Reduce Corporate Energy Use and Costs: ENERGY EFFICIENCY

Finance Your Energy Efficiency Project with White Certificates

White Certificates present a strategic opportunity for companies in energy-intensive sectors—like Industrials and the Tertiary Sector—that need to reduce their energy consumption. Through the EU’s Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) mechanism, corporations that successfully implement energy efficiency projects can obtain and then sell White Certificates.

Several EU member states like France, Poland, Spain and Italy, implemented national White Certificate mechanisms. At STRIVE by STX, our local expert teams are always up to date with regulatory changes and can support you with energy-saving audits, decarbonization planning, financing and White Certificate sales.

Our Energy Efficiency Offering

Our 4-part offer helps you reduce emissions & save costs with minimal effort and investments.

Opportunity Mapping

– Assess the on-site energy efficiency status 
– Map energy-saving opportunities 
– Develop an investment roadmap for decarbonization

Project Structuring

– Perform an Energy Efficiency solution feasibility study 
– Select your optimal execution partner from our vast network 
– Manage the implementation

White Certificates Services

– Verify WC requirements 
– Prepare WC documentation 
– Optimize WC value (through local networks & trading

Project Financing

– Finance up to 100% of CAPEX, moving the project to OPEX
– Optimize all available grants and subsides
– Mitigate risks through guarantees (i.e., minimum amount of energy saving)

Eligible Energy Efficiency Projects

STRIVE by STX can support a wide range of European energy efficiency projects, depending on your location. Do you want to check if your project can benefit from your national EEC mechanism?

Refinery plant operator maintaining low pressure steam inside power plant. Experienced engineer serviceman trying to detect the problem inside power plant.

Our role in the Energy Efficiency Market


We can assist you in identifying energy efficiency projects that qualify for White Certificates. We guide you through every step of the process, ensuring that the projects are optimized to maximize value creation.

Secondary Market Trading

With our extensive network of counterparties and years of experience in various secondary markets, STRIVE by STX supports you in selling your White Certificates at a competitive rate.


We closely monitor any changes in certificate mechanism regulations. We can assist you in understanding the potential impact of these changes or help you take advantage thereof.

Why invest in an Energy Efficiency Project

Reduced Consumption & Costs

Achieve up to 40% energy savings and reduction of GHG emissions.

Quick Payback Period

Enjoy a 2–4-year payback period for most projects—and even shorter if your emissions fall within the scope of the EU ETS.

Support with Capital Expenses

Get high CAPEX coverage through governmental White Certificates schemes.

Improved Liquidity

See an immediate reduction in OPEX with a positive impact on the company’s liquidity.

Future-proof Business

Benefit from increased resilience in the face of volatile energy markets and rising sustainability pressures.

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We adopt a flexible and client-tailored approach to deliver Energy Efficiency solutions while maximizing financial resources.

20+ years of experience

We’ve been certifying environmental products across Europe for oner two decades.

Workflow orchestrator

We are acting as delegated party to minimize client effort.

Agile financing

We leverage private funds with low risk while optimizing the national schemes and subsidies.

Outstanding partners

Our interests are aligned with those of our clients for achieving superior energy efficiency projects.


  • What is a White Certificate?
    An Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) or a White Certificate (WC) is a traceable digital document that certifies that an energy saving was achieved. It is certified and issued by a country’s corresponding authority. White Certificates are awarded to companies that effectively reduce their energy consumption through various types of modernization. These certificates can be sold to energy supply entities like utilities and fuel distributors, who are obligated to acquire a designated number of certificates based on the scale of their commercial activities to comply with the EDD regulation.
  • What is energy efficiency?
    Energy efficiency measures how effectively an economic good or service utilizes energy. The less energy required for production, the more efficient the activity.
  • In which countries is the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) active?
    The Energy Efficiency Directive is active across the European Union. It is part of the EU’s policy, legally established in 2023, to prioritize energy efficiency in all policy and investment decisions. The directive ensures buildings meet energy standards, with certificates and inspections mandated under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive.
  • What are the new energy efficiency targets under the revised EED?
    The revised directive sets binding targets for EU countries to collectively ensure an additional 11.7% reduction in energy consumption by 2030.
  • Why should corporations pursue energy efficiency?
    Energy efficiency can lead to cost savings, increased economic growth, and improved resilience and value for companies.
  • What are the implications of the EED heating and cooling system inspections for companies?
    EU countries must have schemes for the inspection of heating and air-conditioning systems, which may require companies to undertake energy-saving.
  • How does energy efficiency contribute to reducing GHG emissions?
    By reducing energy consumption, companies can significantly decrease their GHG emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability and compliance with climate goals.

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