Measuring Your Environmental Impact: FOOTPRINT CALCULATION

The road to decarbonization starts here. 

Calculating your company’s footprint, whether, carbon, plastic, or water, is the keystone to lead companies on their journey towards decarbonization by helping them understand their hotspots and plan mitigation strategies.

How can we help you?

From Strive by STX we will help you to understand the hotspots and sources of emissions within your company, identify potential reductions and manage your resources efficiently to reduce costs.

Increase your time efficiency

Reduce time spent collecting data and calculating emissions.

Ensure compliance and auditability

We closely monitor the evolution of regulations, frameworks, and protocols to ensure that we implement the latest changes.

Develop a coherent carbon mitigation strategy

We provide you with practical information to develop a coherent climate strategy.

Why calculate your carbon footprint? 

Map your emissions

Gain a broader view of the sources of greenhouse gas emissions within a company.

Strengthen your reputation

Increase productivity through close collaboration with suppliers based on trust and transparency.

Reduce your impact and costs

Identify potential greenhouse gas reductions and manage resources to reduce costs.

Find new ways to be more efficient

Find greenhouse gas reduction opportunities within the company and in the value chain.

Methodologies used for calculating the carbon footprint

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the International Organization of Standardization are the most widely used international tools for calculating and reporting the emissions inventory. They classify emissions into three groups:

  • Scope 1: Direct emissions that occur from sources owned or controlled by the company.
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy. The emissions resulting from the production of grid electricity or steam are accounted for under this scope.
  • Scope 3: Includes the indirect emissions result of an organization’s operations, but not owned or controlled by the company.

Start your decarbonization journey today. Get in touch with us to measure, reduce and offset your sources of emissions.