The Key to Business Energy Efficiency in Spain: Certificados de Ahorro Energético (CAEs) 

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Energy efficiency is at the forefront of Spain's business strategy, increasingly driven by economic, environmental and climate regulatory challenges. Certificados de Ahorro Energético (CAEs) are energy efficiency certificates that encourage companies to reduce their energy consumption, adopt clean technologies and promote sustainable practices

Types of Projects for Generating CAEs 

In Spain, any initiative aimed at improving energy efficiency can generate CAEs—regardless of the field or sector. These certificates serve as tangible proof of a company's commitment to energy reduction and are suitable for resale to obligated entities. 

There are two main types of projects that can generate these valuable certificates: standardized projects and one-off projects. We take a look at them below. 

Standardized Projects

Standardized projects form the backbone of the energy efficiency strategy. These are tried-and-tested methodologies adaptable across various scenarios where energy consumption patterns are well-known. From lighting overhauls to HVAC upgrades, these initiatives promise substantial energy savings with great returns. Examples include:

Interior of an open plan office space

One-Off Projects

In contrast, one-off projects cater to specific projects where standard solutions don't apply. They require customized design and detailed feasibility studies to tackle unique energy efficiency challenges. Examples include: 

STX Group encourages businesses around the world to adopt GHG emissions reduction targets that align with the Paris Agreement. We also recommend performing an in-depth analysis of potential reductions, guided by the Science Based Targets initiative or ISO 14068, to address both direct and value chain emissions based on scientific principles.


How Can We Help You? 

STRIVE by STX enhances your company's energy efficiency with customized solutions, including savings analysis, project implementation, management of Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and financing options. Get in touch with our energy efficiency experts and learn how to best reach your energy efficiency goals.

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