Empowering leaders for change: STRIVE TO NET-ZERO ACADEMY

Change is the end result of all true learning.

Understanding our impact in the planet is essential to see how your organization’s activity fits in. We organize workshops, online or in person, to big or small audiences, and to all levels of the company so you can fully understand how your organizations’ actions can be improved. 
These trainings help upskill teams and raise awareness. We provide different types of workshops adapting to your needs, to help your team understand different market trends and services within the voluntary carbon market.

Net-Zero Trainings and Workshops

CBAM Essentials: A Workshop for Business

We provide an exclusive workshop tailored for European importing companies potentially impacted by the CBAM mechanism. Additionally, we can organize workshops for your primary suppliers, offering guidance and support to both sides involved.

The Climate Change Pathway

Help your stakeholders understand the impact of human activity on the planet, the causes and consequences of climate change, and the solutions to fight it.

Introduction to Carbon Footprinting

Understand how carbon footprint calculations work and what your company needs to do to prepare for upcoming regulations on greenhouse gas emission accounting.

Introduction to Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM)

Learn about the trends and opportunities within the Voluntary Carbon Market alongside our Research team.

Benefits of learning about sustainability

Through our different workshops and learning sessions, your workforce will receive the necessary insights to act on climate change within your organization and beyond. These sessions will not only be informative but can also serve as the perfect teambuilding sessions or a change management training.

We can offer any other ad hoc sessions with the objective to shed light on any of the services or products that we offer. Get in touch with us to learn more about decarbonization and raise awareness of climate change issues among your teams.