What are Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)? Sustainability Simplified Glossary

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Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) are a broader term encompassing various types of certificates that verify the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation. It is the only digital instrument that verifies that one megawatt-hour of energy was generated and entered the transmission system from an eligible renewable source. Eligible renewable sources are solar power, hydro power, wind power, biomass, and more. It allows tracking of the production, trade, consumption of renewable energy and most importantly allows companies to claim environmental benefits. 

Companies can tailor solutions by considering location, generation source, power plant age, electricity vintage, and other factors. These factors, along with the timing of purchases, can influence price variations.

Many organizations look into energy attribute certificates because they: 

EACs play a significant role in supporting and promoting the growth of renewable energy and emission reduction initiatives. They create a market for these attributes and encourage investment in cleaner energy generation. 

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