For Cargo Holders

Companies’ Scope 3 emissions, particularly those associated with logistics such as sea freight, often constitute a significant portion of their overall carbon footprint. STX facilities a fuel switch from fossil fuels to sustainable biofuels to reduce vessel emissions.

Insetting can be an appealing choice for companies looking to tackle their Scope 3 emissions and establish a sustainable logistics solution in their supply chain. STX follows best practices in carbon accounting with independently audited and verified emission reductions and our sustainable biofuels are certified by ISCC.

Sustainable Logistics with STX Insetting

With STX’s insetting service, you can reduce logistics-related emissions in your value chain by switching to sustainable biofuels.

  • Reduce Scope 3 Emissions: Create sustainable logistics value chains
  • Robust Measurement, Verification & Certification: Our biofuels rely on recognized sustainability certifications (ISCC), uses best practices in carbon accounting and are independently audited to ensure accuracy.
  • Flexible and Cost-Effective: Determine the ratio of biofuels to fossil fuels to control costs and align with your decarbonization strategy.
  • Readily Available Supply: STX boasts a secure supply of biofuels with the flexibility to use various feedstocks
  • Simplicity: Making the switch is easy and requires no changes to your supply chain.
  • Support Innovation: Contributes to the development of new technologies and future fuel innovations.

Our Partner

We are committed to promoting credible climate action through collaborative efforts and partnerships. To this end, we actively participate in multi-stakeholder initiatives.


International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a certification system for all sustainable raw materials and markets, wherein the entire supply chain from raw material to end product is certified and traceable through proof of sustainability documentation.


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