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Access to Renewable Energy

In 2020, CEOs of the world’s largest companies are calling for immediate action to reduce carbon emissions to fight climate change.

Initiatives such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG)The Climate Group/RE100 and the CDP are urging corporations and cities to measure their impact on the environment by disclosing sustainability efforts.

In a sustainability-driven world, companies and their global supply chains are lowering their emissions and environmental impacts. STX Climate Solutions ensures that our partners remain competitive in this sustainability-driven world by offering access to Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs), Carbon Offset, Biogas, Compliance, and Biofuels products.

Climate Change in the Business World

Having a “net zero” carbon footprint is no longer luxury, but rather a necessary criterion. Lowering CO2-emissions is now, more than ever, a significant aspect of managing stakeholder relations, consumer perception, and media reputation.

Corporate greenhouse gas emissions, transitions towards renewable energy, and carbon reporting is extended to the entire supply chain (such as GHG’s Scope 3) are some of the latest developments. These topics are gradually becoming permanent aspects of the global public dialogue.

Environmental footprint has a direct impact on your competitiveness – remaining competitive by adapting trough innovation is more relevant than ever.

Purchasing renewable energy, as well as eliminating carbon emissions, is in the interest of your consumer, your community, and your business.

STX offers solutions to reach environmental goals efficiently and affordably by providing access to a wide range of renewable energy products and providing tailored solutions to your carbon footprint. STX Climate Solutions makes sure you remain competitive in a sustainability-driven world.


STX has helped more than 20% of CDP’s top disclosing companies to reach the 2019 A-list.

About STX

Since its founding in the heart of Amsterdam in 2005, STX Group has become one of the global leaders in helping companies achieve their environmental commitments:

  • 150 TWh of EACs supplied in 2019
  • Partner with over 20% of the 225 “RE100” companies
  • 4000+ Clients Globally
  • Global Redemption Service
  • 100+ employees spanning across 25 nationalities
  • 3 offices in Amsterdam (HQ), Gothenburg, & New York


We provide direct access to global markets as a single, reputable partner, serving as your one-stop-shop for environmental solutions.

STX is ahead of the game in responding to and creating new market developments. We provide our clients with up to date market insights and opportunities to ensure they are never caught off guard.

Our global network consists of independent generators, project developers, investment funds, major utilities and corporates. We support, connect and access a wide range of international opportunities, all through a single point of contact.

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How does it work?

We help you achieve your sustainability goals by:

1. Establishment of your Sustainability Goals according to your energy and carbon offset needs

2. Provide options for projects, technologies, and price points to structure a bespoke sustainability model

3. Execution of the sustainability model, the company recognized as fully sustainable, & design of marketable material for stakeholder announcements

CDP Accredited Provider for Renewable Energy

CDP Partnership

Being a CDP Accredited Provider for Renewable Energy, STX has a deep understanding of the most recent market mechanisms and instruments available to help you reduce your GHG Scope 1, 2 and 3 Emissions.

Through the close-knitted communication with CDP and attendance and organization of the industry’s leading conferences, our experienced colleagues are thoroughly able to consider sustainability, economical and marketing aspects when creating your individual portfolio.


“This partnership will bring highly-valued expertise to the CDP disclosure system, which is essential for accelerating companies’ environmental transparency. We are delighted to welcome STX Group as a new renewable energy partner, and we are confident that their knowledge will enable more companies to improve their energy efficiency and environmental performance”. Steven Tebbe, CDP Managing Director


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A focus on reaching climate goals should be a central aspect of every corporate’s marketing and procurement strategy.