Commercial Analyst

Commercial Analyst

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Talent Acquisition Specialist

Elisabetta Castellan


Commercial Analyst

Today, companies are constantly urged to drastically reduce their carbon footprint. By trading in a wide variety of renewable energy products, STX enables businesses to achieve this goal. In doing so, we contribute to a more transparent environmental commodities market and, therefore, a greener world. We’re looking for a Trade Desk Analyst to join our business and the extremely dynamic market we operate in, and to embark on a journey with us towards a better tomorrow.

About the Trade Desk

At the heart of any commercial organization is the need to know exactly what, why, where when and how it is exposed to the market, and the impact these elements have on the profitability of the company.

The trade desk is a front office team providing market and risk analysis globally on a real time basis. Our primary responsibilities revolve around monitoring all elements of the risk and exposure related to our commercial activity and report it directly to the board on regular basis.

Being seated in the middle of our trade floor, we serve in a support role for traders spanning across virtually every market stx trades in.

Commercially, we add value by providing traders with risk assessments and analysis which highlight their exposure, optionality and PnL.

These reports are essential to help them make the right commercial decisions and optimize the opportunities their portfolios generate, all the while providing trade desk employees with an unprecedented front office learning experience in the world of trading.

Key Responsibilities

  • Desk level management and reporting of Risk, Exposures and P&L arising out of environmental trading strategies.
  • Desk level analysis of performance of the business through Positions, Profit and Loss and Volume analysis and reporting these to the respective heads and other Senior Management.
  • Liaising with other key departments: Finance, Trading, Accounting and Operations to ensure smooth functioning of the day-to-day business translating into accurate reporting on a daily basis;
  • improving processes, streamlining, and improving data collection and analysis; and expanding the scope and capabilities of the trading teams.


  • Understanding of environmental commodities inclusive of its underlying structures and instruments
  • Awareness of trading models and trading strategies and exposures that arise out of them.
  • Self-driven, motivated, and personal initiative to manage assigned tasks while growing trade desk capabilities.
  • Experience with Excel, Python (Power BI highly preferred) 
  • 2-3 years of experience in a physical trading company with exposure to P&L reporting
  • Fluent in English



Compensation and benefits

Assistance with relocation to the respective office location

Competitive remuneration package

Pension scheme contributions

Sport and training opportunities

Strong focus on personal and professional development

How our recruitment process works

  • CV Review
  • Assessment
  • Phone screening
  • Interview
  • Offer

CV Review

We check if your profile meets the job requirements;


Online assessment of 45 minutes;

Phone screening

Phone call and cultural fit check with our recruiters;


In-depth dive into your work history with a team member;


We will make you an offer, take care of your onboarding and welcome you to the STX family.

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Talent Acquisition Specialist

Elisabetta Castellan

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