Data Engineer

We're looking for a pro-active, analytical and ambitious Data Engineer to join our IT Team at STX Group's headquarters in Amsterdam. The ideal candidate is someone who is not only fluent in English, but who is also very excited about the idea of creating products which are directly used by the colleagues of the trading teams.

STX Operations
STX Group is successfully expanding its global operations with significant contribution from the Operations functions including the IT, HR, Mid-Office, Risk, Finance, Legal and Compliance teams. Comprising of over 56 professionals, these teams collectively provide a strong foundation for STX Group to reach its growth strategy by ensuring trades are processed smoothly and the company is run efficiently and effectively. Our Operations function is fast-growing as a result of both the rapid growth of the business, as well as growing complexity.

Job Description

  • Build and maintain scalable data pipelines
  • Create and maintain BI reporting tools and reports alongside IT/BI, Risk, Finance and Trading teams
  • Develop and maintain a cloud based data platform
  • Create and/or optimize ETL jobs depending on the requirements, data types, and sources
  • Ensure high reliability and quality of our data warehouse
  • Implement a BI reporting tool for business reporting, dashboarding and analysis
  • Set up data integration towards multiple applications / services
  • Create insights and make data available, accessible for business (Risk, Finance, Trading);
  • Set up data, application & infrastructure monitoring
  • Develop routines to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality


  • You’ve got a strong background in Computer Science or Software Engineering; 
  • At least 5 years’ experience working with ETL pipelines, Data Visualization, Data Modelling
  • Experience with relational databases: PostgresSQL and MS SQL Server
  • Experience with NoSQL databases: PostgresSQL(JSON and JSONB), MongoDB
  • Experience with BI tools like PowerBI, Grafana, Tableau, InfluxDB
  • Experience with TimeSeries databases such as InfluxDB or OpenTSDB
  • Experience with streaming data processing
  • Working experience on Agile Methodologies
  • Experience with Git and JIRA
  • Knowledge of Python, SQL. Knowledge of PHP, R, Julia, PowerQuery and other languages is advantageous.
  • AWS, Docker, Linux
  • You are living in (the area of) Amsterdam

Compensation & benefits

  • Fringe benefits, e.g. pension scheme contributions and weekly boot camps
  • Competitive remuneration package;
  • Assistance with applying for the 30% ruling (if applicable)
  • Professional and international working environment;
  • Working in a fast-paced company;
  • Strong focus on personal and professional development.


About STX

A lot has changed since 2005, when STX Group was founded as a small-scale intermediary company in the heart of Amsterdam. Starting out modestly, but ambitiously as one of the first European players in the Carbon Emission (EUA) market, the firm has grown over the years into a reputable international intermediary and trading company that employs over 100 staff members and covers a wide range of products on the global market. Working from offices in Amsterdam, New York and Gothenburg, our various teams draw on their entrepreneurial mindset to serve our clients optimally in their own languages. Our goal? To consolidate growth in dynamic existing markets while further exploring new products and emerging markets. Ultimately, our mission is to become a leading trader and market access provider in illiquid environmental commodities and debt capital markets.

Growth through new products and markets

These days, STX Group serves as a intermediary, principle and proprietary trader in the international renewables market and financial markets. On the environmental commodities side, we intermediate and trade a wide variety of different renewable energy certificates and physical renewables, such as biofuels and biodiesel. Over the years, we have expanded to trade in a diverse range of new products and have moved into numerous new markets. Such developments account for the rapid growth the company has enjoyed since its inception.

Entrepreneurialism and diversity as key success factors

The only thing that hasn’t changed since 2005 is the location of our headquarters: we’re still based alongside Amsterdam’s canals in the vibrant heart of the city. To date, we remain one of the few intermediaries in the Dutch capital and one of the only trading firms to have such an international employee base serving the global market. A key driver behind the company’s growth and success is the great diversity within our teams: not only does our in-house staff base comprise an impressive 20 different nationalities, but the (academic) backgrounds of our team members vary widely too. This diversity guarantees that, as a group, we can tap into the creativity and versatility required to continuously develop only the best and most innovative ideas and solutions to problems we encounter. Great performance is rewarded with great growth within the company. We don’t believe in silos; we operate as teams. Cross-country, cross-disciplinary and cross-position collaboration is key. We don’t place much emphasis on hierarchical structures. What we do value? Entrepreneurial spirits who have great ideas and are keen to join the STX family to work on building the future together.


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