Rozanne Johnson

‘Setting people up for success’

Rozanne Johnson’s curious and ambitious nature is what led her to leave her home country of South Africa nearly 3.5 years ago to move to the Netherlands. She joined STX as a financial controller last year. “My job is extremely hands-on and fast-paced. It requires a lot of agility and creativity to solve problems and develop solutions.”

Prior to relocating to Amsterdam, Rozanne had holidayed in the Netherlands a few times before, and had developed quite a soft spot for the area. “Coming from South Africa where we can’t move around so freely, I found the Dutch lifestyle very liberating. The openness here extends to the culture and people. Unlike many others who’ve relocated here, I’m actually a big fan of the plainspoken way of Dutch natives. While I know many foreigners struggle with the directness of Dutch locals, I’ve found it to be a true strength – not only in business contexts, but also in personal matters. It ensures nothing is left unsaid. I’m slowly but surely adopting this approach.”

Rozanne Johnson, Financial Controller, STX Group

Setting people up for success

Being candid is highly useful at STX too. “One of the main reasons I enjoy working at this company as much as I do is because the culture is really open. Everybody’s input is important. The management team is incredibly involved and supportive. They’ll leave no stone unturned, and do everything in their power to set their people up for success. I love that can-do mindset.”


For someone who’s as driven as Rozanne, it’s also important to feel challenged and know that there’s room for growth. “I’m constantly seeking out opportunities to learn and develop myself. I love that my role as financial controller involves such a steep learning curve. I’m a chartered accountant, and while some people might think working with numbers is boring, I think it’s anything but. My job is actually extremely hands-on and fast-paced. It requires a lot of agility and creativity to solve problems and develop solutions. I need to zoom in to analyse the finer details, but also broaden my vision to communicate the bigger picture. I love being exposed to all the facets of the business and that I get to collaborate with colleagues across every department. All these elements – how dynamic the role is, the problem-solving mindset that’s required and the opportunity to collaborate with the whole company – make my job extremely exciting.”


A daily yoga session…
To balance all the excitement, Rozanne likes to begin every day with yoga. “It makes all the difference to start the day doing something you love. Even if it’s just a quick 15-minute session, yoga in the morning sets the best tone for the day ahead, and helps me to be significantly more focused and productive, too.”


Like the majority of South Africans, Rozanne loves the outdoors. “I obviously miss the beautiful scenery that is so typically South African, but I genuinely think Amsterdam is incredibly picturesque, too – especially parks like Amstelpark, Beatrixpark and the Amsterdamse Bos. And how could I forget the amazing canals? I love them, particularly over the festive season. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more romantic scene than the canals of Amsterdam lit up at night during Christmas time.”


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