Welcome to the STX family.

We have a dynamic, passionate, ambitious, driven-to-the-bone team culture. Wanting to get the best out of ourselves and each other is one of our key drivers. We employ over 25+ nationalities who support and encourage each other like a family. From motivating each other to join the bootcamp sessions to toasting in the weekend together, our team spirit thrives during and after working hours.

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy and happy employee is the most valuable team member. After all, our people are our greatest assets. Our culture encourages employees to pursue a healthy, balanced lifestyle outside of the office. Some extracurricular company activities include our Wednesday evening bootcamp workouts or joining the STX soccer team for games on Monday nights. We don’t do long nights or weekends in the office. At STX, leaving the office means leaving work at work.

Relocation Services

The large majority of our 300 (and growing) staff members span over 25+ different nationalities. You’ll be joining a close-knit yet very global family. We assist all of our new foreign employees who need to relocate to the Netherlands. To start, we’ll help you with applying for a Dutch working permit, getting your digital ID (DigiD), opening a Dutch bank account and help you with your application to benefit from the 30 percent ruling tax advantage. Our comprehensive Expat Guide will help you every step of the way during the practical process of relocation. Best of all, your colleagues will certainly make you feel at home in no time!

Team Weekend

Once a year, the whole global STX family embarks on a weekend away – fully catered for by the company. Joined by our international teams from New York and Gothenburg, we head to a European city for a weekend of team building, presentations and, of course, a lot of fun. It’s a wonderful way to get to know your colleagues even better and to find time for relaxation together in a completely different setting.