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The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement among industrialized nations that aims to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emission and the presence of greenhouse gases (GHG). It acknowledges that developed countries are principally responsible for the high levels of GHG emissions in the atmosphere. The treaty is linked to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change and sets mandatory limits on GHG emissions. This is achieved by issuing internationally binding emission-reduction targets.

The Kyoto Protocol, enacted in February 2005, also marked the lift-off for STX Group (hereafter ‘STX’) as one of the first trading houses in the European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS). Today, STX has been expanding its portfolio of products into general environmental commodities, and more specifically into renewable energy certificates. These include biofuels, biogas and energy efficiency certificates.

Since 2016, STX has been rapidly growing from a small team to over 100 people from over 25+ nationalities. These teams are based at its headquarters in Amsterdam and more recently at offices in Gothenburg and New York.

STX’s mission is to provide clients with tailored solutions and access to the, mostly illiquid, international environmental commodities markets. We do so by creating a broad network of clients in Europe and the US, as well as by having a team of dedicated people who speak the local language. This assists with understanding the local product-specific legislation.

Social Responsibility

It’s our firm belief that we all need to put our best foot forward in order to make this world a better, cleaner and more sustainable place. Not just as individuals but, more importantly, as businesses, we can truly have an impact on today’s world. We strongly encourage our employees to participate in local charity initiatives, contributing to the empowerment of people, society and the environment.

We are assisting a local school in Amsterdam to build a new playground. This is done, in part, by donating money to the school but, to a larger extent, also by getting our own hands dirty and helping with the construction. Ensuring that children have the opportunity to play outside, as well as educating them about sustainability, is important to us.

Clearing & Settlement

STX Group (Statutory name: STX Services B.V.) trades both regulated and unregulated products. Find out more about our regulation and settlement by clicking the buttons below.

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